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Please find below an overview of our silage additives.



Josilac classic box, JOSERA
  • High concentration of lactic acid bacteria and enzymes
  • Best silage successes also in difficult years
  • Wide range of application (DM 25-40%)
  • Usable together with different types of feed
  • Approved for organic farming
  • Fast protection by the TURBO-Effect


Josilac grass box, JOSERA
  • Good silage results
  • Wide application range (DM 25-40%)
  • Usable together with different types of feed
  • Low application rate
  • Fast protection thanks to TURBO-Effect


Josilac combi box, JOSERA
  • Universally usable
  • High aerobic stability and better fermentation thanks to the Symbiosis-Effect
  • Wide range of application (DM 28 – 45%)
  • Suitable for many types of feed


Josilac extra box, JOSERA
  • Effective protection against reheating thanks to SAFETY-Effect
  • Protection against mold formation
  • Wide range of application (DM 30-65%)
  • For different types of feed

Josilac® ferm

Josilac ferm box, JOSERA
  • Cool and fresh feed thanks to the SAFETY-Effect
  • Heterofermentative lactic acid bacteria
  • Wide range of application (DM 30-60%)
  • Usable for different feed

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