The Thünen Institute in Braunschweig (Germany) proposes the following indicators for the assessment of poor animal welfare in context of the feeding:

  • Cows with milk somatic cell content above 400,000
  • Cows with a fat / protein ratio of > 1.5
  • underconditioned cows
  • lame cows
  • udder and metabolic diseases

The question that arises is: How can animal welfare be influenced positively by the feeding?

It should not be denied that cows with a higher yield are also exposed to more stress. A discussion about this is obsolete from the physiological standpoint. In addition to optimized housing conditions and optimal ration formulation, DairyPilot comes into play. The use of DairyPilot leads to a reduction of cell stress and thus provides energy for other metabolic processes. In addition, JOSERA DairyPilot strengthens the defenses against inflammatory processes in the body. Due to its ingredient composition, DairyPilot is a suitable tool to positively influence the indicators mentioned by the Thünen Institute.

Don’t hesitate to make your customers aware of this aspect. A robust herd leads to better animal welfare, and this is the sustainable foundation for a robust and productive herd.

JOSERA bag of DairyPilot
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