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Most farmers are familiar with the problem: Warm silage in the summer months. This warming of a mixed ration indicates major microbial changes in the feed, associated with a massive loss of energy and active ingredients – and possibly with the formation of toxins. Immediate consequences in the animal are digestive disorders, a noticeable decrease in feed consumption and therefore a major nutrition deficit, which leads to impaired fertility, health and performance and usually also a weakened immune system.

JOSERA Frischhaltekonzentrat is a feed supplement that stabilises your mixed ration (TMR). It stops incipient microbial processes in mixed rations and therefore eliminates existing problems quickly.
Over the medium and long term, the causes of feed heating have to be determined and eliminated.

Packaging size: 25 kg

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Healthy feed with:
    • Reduced feed spoilage
    • Low nutrient and active ingredient losses
    • Reduced mycotoxins
  • Healthy animals due to:
    • High feed consumption
    • Improved energy supply
    • Lower cell counts
  • Easy handling
    • Low application rate
    • Powder form
    • Easy to mix

JOSERA preservative concentrate is used in all types of mixed rations for dairy cattle, dry cows and young cattle:

  • To counteract the risk of feed heating and microbial spoilage
  • To stabilise unstable mixed rations from one feeding to the next
  • To keep stable feed fresh longer

JOSERA preservative concentrate is added to the feed mixture at the rate of 1 kg per ton. The quantity can be increased to 2 kg per ton in case of severe problems.

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