VitalTrunk as whole milk supplement for calves

VitalTrunk for the whole milk supplement: Calves have a high requirement for vitamins and trace elements in the early growth phase, which is not sufficiently covered by whole milk drinks. Therefore, we recommend that you compensate the low active ingredient content of whole milk with the whole milk supplement, VitalTrunk. Especially in the sensitive rearing phase, the immune system of the young animals is strengthened.

JOSERA table shows deficiencies of trace elements in whole milk

Dosage: 20 g JOSERA VitalTrunk per litre of whole milk

VitalTrunk as electrolyte drink for calves

Diarrhoeal diseases are a common problem in calf rearing. The resulting loss of water and electrolytes can quickly lead to the death of the animal due to blood acidification. In addition to vitamins and trace elements, VitalTrunk also contains important electrolytes that compensate for the loss of sodium, potassium and chloride. In addition, the glucose contained in the product provides the calf with quickly available energy. It is important to continue the supply of milk or milk replacer as usual. At least two litres of the electrolyte drinks should be given between meals.

Electrolyte contents per litre of finished electrolyte solution
Sodium1,8 g
Potassium0,5 g
Chloride2,4 g

Dosage: 40 g JOSERA VitalTrunk per litre of water

VitalTrunk as calving drink for your cows

Calving is a critical period for the dairy cow, as the hormonal balance and metabolism change during this phase. At the same time, the birth is accompanied by a high loss of water. In order to now support the cow’s metabolism and to compensate for the loss of fluid in good time, we recommend offering 500 g of VitalTrunk in 20 litres of warm water as a calving drink directly after calving. The dairy cow should then be offered fresh water as desired.

JOSERA bag VitalTrunk

Dosage: 500 g JOSERA VitalTrunk per 20 litre of water

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