The farm

  • 1,130 dairy cows
  • Department with 512 dairy cows
  • Department with 609 dairy cows
  • Milk production 11,300 kg
    Fat: 3.9 %
    Protein: 3.3 %

The goal

  • Decrease in cases of retained placenta
  • Decrease in cases of metritis
  • Strategy: Supplementation of 200g JOSERA DairySafe per cow and day, 21 days before calving (introduction in May 2020)

The challenge

  • 7.30% of metritis cases in 2019 (73 animals at 995 births)

The Result

  • Fewer cases of metritis (2.80%) and retained placenta at herd level where observed, with a notable improvement in the reproductive environment of the herd, thus reducing the number of days open, especially in cows in 1st calving
  • On the other hand, we can say that the milk productivity of the cows that were supplemented with JOSERA DairySafe had an average increase of 11% in their post calving period compared to the previous lactation. The fresh cow group (up to 60 days post calving) had a production of 31.2 litres per day. This reflects the fact that having healthier cows increases production at the beginning of lactation.

“Finally, we concluded that by feeding DairySafe our objectives have been fully met, improving the general health of the herd and at the same time increasing the milk productivity. Our results have been noticeable in terms of the reduction in cows with reproductive problems compared to the previous year without the use of DairySafe, so today we are pleased to say that it is a product that satisfies us and meets the established goals”.

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