JOSERA DairySafe works reliably. A turkish dairy farmer who keeps dairy cows at two different locations and has dared to make a direct comparison with another comparable product has now convinced himself of this. Since this year he has been using the JOSERA special product JOSERA DairySafe to ensure that his animals survive the so-called transit phase fit and healthy. And with success!

The farm

  • 1,130 dairy cows
  • Department with 512 dairy cows
  • Department with 609 dairy cows
  • Milk production 11.300 kg

Fat: 3.9 %
Protein: 3.3 %

The usage

200 g DairySafe cow / day, 21 days before
and 21 days after calving since May 2019

The goal

  • Improvement of animal health
  • Less ketosis and metritis
  • Increased milk yield

The achievement

The usage of JOSERA DairySafe led to a notable improvement of the health status of the herd. After feeding JOSERA DairySafe for only two months the cows suffer significantly less from metritis and the cases of ketosis have stopped completely and this considering the heat stress period. The health status of the herd is much better and the milk production has also increased.

The statement

„We are very satisfied with DairySafe. The health status of our dairy herd is a very important factor and since we started feeding DairySafe the health status of the herd has been improved remarkably. We have no ketosis cases and less problems with metritis. Furthermore the milk yield increased. We tested DairySafe in one group and another group with a competitor product. DairySafe has convinced us!“

JOSERA graphic shows february with DairySafe
JOSERA graphic shows april with DairySafe
JOSERA graphic shows May with Dairy Safe
JOSERA graphic shows june with DairySafe

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