The farm

  • Run by the couple Arnaud & Catherine Faucheron with one staff member
  • 220 hectares of agricultural land
    • 120 hectares of farmland and pastures
    • 100 hectares of permanent grassland
  • 120 Holstein dairy cows
  • Milk yield of 1,269 thousand litres / year
  • Average performance of 30 kg / day at 210 lactation days
  • Milking robot (installation of 2 robots in 2016)

“The first thing that struck me was the cost, because the product was not more expensive than the live yeast we were using. This product shows its positive properties especially during climatic and heat strokes. The cows were less sensitive during these heat phases. This can be clearly seen on the robot: the number of passes was only slightly reduced despite the great heat. The same applies to milk production. In the summer of 2019, we had three heat strokes, the first two hardly showed any effects on the herd, only the third heat stroke shortly afterwards tugged a little in the herd.”

Why feed DairyPilot?

  • Facilitates the ration changeover when cutting with a new silo in September and December.
  • Replacement of live yeast and sodium bicarbonate

The goal

  • A maximum milk yield with a minimum number of cows. Since two robots are scarce for the current number of cows, a reduction in the number of cows would be the goal without accepting significant losses in milk yield.
  • DairyPilot has been in use since the summer of 2019, just before the heat period.
  • The ration mixing is done on site. JOSERA DairyPilot is added at 100 g / cow / day. In summer, the trend is to add more.

“I would put this product in the category of products that improve the rumen climate. It is important to understand that it is necessary to use buffer products in addition to the ration. DairyPilot is very suitable for this. It has a very easy dosage (100 g). In addition, this product smells good.
Another interesting feature is the practicality of 25 kg and plastic bags. The bags hold very well, especially when there is a little moisture. The product does not clog even if they are stored for a long time.” 

(Arnaud Faucheron)

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